A Complete Guide to EV Charging and How It Works.

Jul 7, 2024

With technological advancements, growing environmental concerns, and enticing government incentives, these vehicles are becoming the top choice for eco-conscious individuals. A reliable and secure EV charging infrastructure is essential to fully embracing this revolution. That’s where our complete guide comes in. Learn about the different types of electric charging stations, how they work, and how to make the most of your electric vehicle driving experience.

a illustration of lady with her EV while Xova charger charging his car

What at is EV charging?

It is the process of recharging an electric vehicle’s battery by connecting it to a designated power station or energy source. Our power stations are designed to efficiently convert grid-supplied AC power to the DC power required by electric vehicles, ensuring effective energy storage.

Choose from a range of speed and power levels to cater to your needs. There are three different types of chargers that can be used: level 1, level 2, and level 3.

Types of EV Charging

Level 1 Chargers

With a simple plug into any standard household outlet, you can get 4-5 miles of range per hour, as it takes longer to charge. It’s perfect for overnight or extended vehicle parking.

Level 2 (AC) charging

Check out our Level 2 chargers, the perfect solution for both residential and commercial use! With a 240-volt outlet requirement, these stations offer an impressive 10–20 miles of range per hour, ensuring a quick and efficient powering-up experience. Whether you’re at home or in a public location, our Level 2 stations are readily available for your convenience.

Xova 32AMP Charger

Excellent choice for residential, community, and commercial EV Charging. Modern Design with Optional RFID card reader for user identification and backend management.

Xova 48AMP Charger

Ideal choice for Residential and Commercial EV Charging. Local Load Management, Support for RFID Card reader and QR Code for user authentication and management. Also has a 5-inch Display.

Xova 80AMP Charger

Fastest Level 2 EV Charger for Commercial applications. 5-inch Display, Support for RFID Cards, QR Code, Cellular Connectivity, Cloud Management, and Cable Management Options.

DC fast charging

The ultimate approach for all your green needs! With the ability to provide up to 80% battery capacity in just 30 minutes, these stations are perfect for long-distance travel or quick stops along major routes. Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to high-power energy options that reduce powering times significantly. We understand that your time is valuable, so our rapid power stations are designed for quick top-ups, making them perfect for busy travelers or anyone on the go who needs a quick and efficient power boost.

30kW DC-Fast Xova Charger

Entry Level DC-Fast Charging Station with the option of being wall mounted or on a pedestal. CCS and CHAdeMO configurations available.

30kW Moveable DC-Fast Xova Charger

Entry Level DC-Fast Charging Station on wheels! Perfect to move around in a workshop setting. CCS and CHAdeMO configurations available.

60kW DC-Fast Xova Charger

The Xova 60kW DC Fast Charger is an exemplary all-in-one charging solution engineered for optimal speed, convenience, and ease of maintenance.

120kW DC-Fast Xova Charger

Exhibiting outstanding quality and innovation, the Xova 120kW DC Fast Charger is a remarkable all-in-one charging solution that embodies superior speed, convenience, and ease of maintenance.

180kW DC-Fast Xova Charger

Exhibiting exemplary quality and cutting-edge technology, the Xova 180kW DC Fast Charger stands out as a remarkable all-in-one charging solution that embodies the ultimate in speed, convenience, and ease of maintenance.

180kW Renewable Energy Xova Charger

The 180kW DC-Fast Renewable Energy Charger is a remarkable charging solution that leverages the power of solar and wind energy to provide an eco-friendly and sustainable charging option.

240kW DC-Fast Xova Charger

Introducing the Xova 240kW DC Fast Charger – the ultimate all-in-one charging solution. Get ready for a sleek, versatile, and incredibly efficient charging experience that’s designed to impress.

360kW DC-Fast Charging System

The Xova 360kW DC Fast Charger represents a significant leap forward in charging technology, as it boasts the impressive ability to charge up to four vehicles simultaneously.

360kW Dispenser DC Charger

Experience Dynamic Effortless Charging. Fast Charging with Media Display. DD series 360kW DC charger is designed with an outdoor rating, making it highly reliable and capable of withstanding solid and liquid intrusions in outdoor settings.

480kW Power Dispenser DC Charger

The 2024 iteration of the Xova 480kW EV Charger represents a technological milestone, offering a truly innovative charging solution that combines both powerful charging capabilities and captivating visual displays.

480kW Standalone DC Fast Charger

Dynamic Charging with Dual Screen. Generate Faster RO

How to Charge an Electric Car

Are you looking to charge your electric car efficiently and conveniently? Look no further! We have some great tips to optimize your EV energy experience. To start, explore using public power stations. These stations, available through apps or in-car systems, provide real-time availability and pricing information, allowing you to plan your stops efficiently. With the continuous expansion of these networks, you can find energy stations at shopping centers and along highways, ensuring you never run out of power on the road. If you’re an electric vehicle owner who spends long hours at work, why not take advantage of workplace fueling? Many employers now install EV charging stations, offering benefits such as

  • Reduced range anxiety,

  • Increased productivity,

  • A positive environmental impact.

     Some companies even offer free or discounted pricing, showcasing their commitment to sustainable transportation and attracting environmentally-conscious employees. By fostering the adoption of electric vehicles in the workplace, businesses can save costs and stay competitive in the environmentally conscious job market.

    Consider installing a Level 2 energy station at home for ultimate convenience and cost savings. It allows for easy overnight fueling, eliminating the need for special trips to public stations and saving you time and energy consumption. Home fueling also allows you to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates, further reducing costs.

    How EV Charging Works

    Our Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) charging stations offer advanced technology to ensure a safe and efficient energy process.

      1. Compatibility

        We ensure the right power and compatibility with your battery, optimizing charging times according to energy demand and cost. This compatibility between vehicles and stations allows for smart technology optimization and long-term cost savings for EV owners.

      2. Authentication process

        Our technology enhances the authentication process, providing secure and convenient charging experiences.

      3. Monitoring and control

        Remote monitoring and control of charging sessions provide peace of mind. Additionally, our charging stations facilitate data exchange for monitoring and control, improving grid management. Integrating EVs into the grid can balance supply and demand, reduce peak strain, and promote a sustainable energy ecosystem. It benefits you and contributes to a more reliable and environmentally friendly energy system.

    Steps to Remember:

    Initial Steps to charge an EV

    Charging process

    Vehicle-charging station interaction Station-vehicle power flow
    Compatibility Battery management
    Authentication process Monitoring charging progress and status
    Monitoring and Control


    Electric Vehicle Ownership Guidelines

    • Be considerate of other EV owners waiting for green fueling.
    • Move your vehicle promptly after powering up to promote efficient use of green stations.
    • Park in designated EV spots to prevent congestion and ensure availability.
    • Avoid “ICEing” by leaving your vehicle parked without charging.
    • Observe energy time limits to allow others to access the energy station.
    • Remember, considerate behavior at power stations benefits everyone.

    The Future of EV Charging

    Presenting the future of fueling technology! We constantly push the boundaries to bring you faster and more efficient power options for your electric vehicles.

    1. Advancing Technology: Wireless Energy Storage and Smart Grid Integration for a Convenient and Sustainable Future

    Bye-bye to tangled cables with our wireless EV solutions, which make powering up seamless and hassle-free. Ultra-fast chargers and wireless charges are two examples of innovations that are becoming increasingly common in the field of fueling technology.

    As a result of these advancements, energy speed and efficiency are constantly improving. These advancements will continue to enhance the convenience and accessibility of future electric vehicle users. But that’s not all. Our smart grid integration and vehicle-to-grid technology have obvious features.

    • Optimizes charging times and manages energy usage.
    • Provides peace of mind for busy lifestyles.
    • Ultra-fast charging capabilities reduce charging times.

    Our commitment extends to a cleaner energy ecosystem by embracing renewable energy sources, reducing carbon emissions, and improving the world, and we invite you to join us in shaping the future of charging technology.

    1. Expanding Charging Infrastructure: A Crucial Step for Electric Vehicle Adoption

      Are you tired of worrying about finding a power station for your electric vehicle? We recognize the importance of expanding the EV infrastructure to meet the growing number of electric vehicles on the road and ensure convenient access to green stations for users like you. Advocates for alliances to build power stations in urban and rural areas, addressing accessibility challenges, and promoting electric vehicle adoption across all regions. In addition, the standardization of green energy networks is crucial. We want to ensure interoperability between EV stations and simplify the user experience.

    Advance tehnology

    Expand infrastructure

    Wireless power options Increased accessibility
    Ultra-fast charging capabilities Standardization of charging networks
    renewable energy sources Collaboration between automakers and energy providers

    Choosing the Right EV Charging Station:

    Are you tired of slow charging times for your electric vehicle? When choosing the right EV station, it’s important to consider power output, cost, installation requirements, and compatibility with your vehicle.

    Compatibility with your vehicle:

    • Connector Type: The majority of electric vehicles (EVs) in North America use the SAE J1772 connection for both Level 1 and Level 2 charging. Although Tesla automobiles are equipped with a unique connection, there is no need to be concerned since they are provided with a J1772 adaptor. For those requiring DC rapid chargers,

    • There are three main types: CHAdeMO, CCS (Combined Powering System), and Tesla Supercharger. Each DC fast charger connector type is specific to certain electric vehicle makes and models.

    • Charging Capability: Check out our latest energy capability feature! Now, you can easily monitor the maximum power-up rate that your vehicle can accept. No more guessing or wasting money on unnecessary costs. With our advanced technology, you can ensure that your electric vehicle always operates at its full potential.


      We’ve covered you, from Level 1 chargers for overnight use to rapid DC chargers for long trips. Learn about the importance of accessible fueling stations at home, work, and public spaces, and get a glimpse into the future with wireless EV power up and smart grid integration. With a reliable charging network and advancing technology, electric mobility is set to become a cornerstone of a sustainable future. Join the EV revolution today! Take the opportunity to participate in this exciting movement towards a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

      FAQs About EV Charging

      Browse our frequently asked questions or get in touch!

      Why are EV stations important?

      EV stations are vital for the prevailing utilization of electric vehicles, providing convenient access to power stations, enabling owners to recharge their vehicles, and alleviating range anxiety.

      What are smart chargers?

      Smart systems use advanced technology and data analysis to accelerate the power up process, manage electricity flow, schedule recharging times, and generate efficient energy intakes.

      How does renewable energy interact with EV charging?

      Renewable energy insertion uses sustainable power resources like solar or wind for EV charging, reducing global impact and promoting a green energy ecosystem.

      Which new charging technologies are available now?

      New power technologies include high-power fast chargers for rapid vehicle recharge, wireless systems using electromagnetic fields, and dual chargers for energy discharge back to the grid.

      What maintenance are charging stations required for?

      Not much—just routine organizing and periodic inspections to make sure everything is in working order.

      How long does an electric car charge fully?

      The charger and the battery capacity of the car are the determining factors. For an 80% charge, Level 1 chargers can take up to 8–12 hours, Level 2 chargers, roughly 4-6 hours, and DC Fast Chargers, 20–30 minutes.