Charger Deployments By Industry

Fleet Operators

Create a Flexible and Reliable EV Charging Solution for your Fleet.


Secure your EV Guests the Amenity they need and become “EV-Friendly”.

MultiFamily Complex

Provide Tenants with a Premium Amenity and Drive Occupancy.

Parking Facility

Attract EV Drivers and Generate Additional Revenue.

Travel Centers

Increase EV Traveler Attraction and Generate Refueling Revenue.


Ability to Charge Vehicles for Customers and Incentivize Sales.

Universities & Schools

Promote Sustainability and Provide Amenity for Students, Staff, and Visitors.


Ability to Charge Electric Watercraft and Generate Refueling Revenue.


Attract New Shoppers and Encourage Repeat Customers

Utility Providers

Increase Revenue and Reach Sustainability Initiatives

Vacation Rental

Differentiate Your Property with a Unique Amenity


Attract More Visitors and Cultivate Additional Revenue.


Recruit and Retain Top Talent while Demonstrating Leadership


Increase Parking Revenue while Accommodating EV Drivers

Healthcare Facility

Provide a Gesture of Care and Ensure a Peace of Mind


Cost-Effective Energy Pricing with the Convenience at Home

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