180kW DC-Fast Xova Charger

180kW Free Standing DC Fast Charger

Exhibiting exemplary quality and cutting-edge technology, the Xova 180kW DC Fast Charger stands out as a remarkable all-in-one charging solution that embodies the ultimate in speed, convenience, and ease of maintenance. With a visionary design that integrates dispensers with a power cabinet, this advanced charging station delivers unprecedented value, significantly reducing both installation and upkeep costs. The charger is equipped with a sleek 7-inch display and dual CCS1 or CHAdeMO and CCS1 connector options, providing an unparalleled level of high-performance, compatibility, and serviceability that surpasses all expectations. The Xova 180kW DC Fast Charger also incorporates a range of sophisticated features, including RFID card support, cloud-based management, and cable management, that enhance its functionality and appeal, elevating it to the forefront of the industry.


Network or Standalone Operation.
User Authentication.
Optional Cable Management Accessories
Supports Smart Charging and Load Balancing.
Efficiency > 94%
PF > 0.99 (APFC)
Customization Available.
7-inch LCD Screen with User Friendly Interface.
IK10 (Not including screen and RFID module), IP55 , NEMA 3R.
OCPP 1.6 JSON (Upgradeable to 2.0).
Parking Garages
EV Infrastructure Operators and Service Providers
Commercial Fleet Operators
Gas/Service Stations
EV Dealer Workshop

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