Xova 48AMP Charger

48AMP Level 2 AC Charging Station

Ideal choice for both Residential and Commercial EV Charging needs. Enables efficient Local Load Management and offers compatibility with RFID Card readers and QR Codes for user authentication and administration. Additionally, this charger features a 5-inch Display for enhanced user interaction.



Residential and Commercial EV Charging

Wired/Wireless Connection for Central Management System
Support for RFID Card and QR Code for User Authentication and Management.
Input: 200Vac~240Vac
Modern, Ergonomic and Custom Design. Optional 5-inch LCD Display.
IP56/NEMA 4 Rated for Indoor/Outdoor Applications.
Charging Interface: SAE J1772 (Type 1)/IEC 62196-2 (Type 2).
OCPP 1.6. JSON (Upgradeable to 2.0).
ISO 15118 Protocol.
Local Load Management, Making the Field Power Configuration Planning of Charging Stations More Flexible.
Over the Air Technology.
Parking Garages
Commercial Fleet Operators
EV Infrastructure Operators and Service Providers
EV Dealer Workshop

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