Xova 120kW DC-Fast Charger

120kW DC-Fast Charging Station

Exhibiting outstanding quality and innovation, the Xova 120kW DC Fast Charger is a remarkable all-in-one charging solution that embodies superior speed, convenience, and ease of maintenance. With a visionary design that seamlessly unites dispensers with a power cabinet, this advanced charging station delivers unparalleled value, streamlining installation and upkeep costs to the utmost. With a 7-inch display and dual CCS1 or CHAdeMO and CCS1 connector options, this charger offers a level of high-performance, compatibility, and serviceability that sets the industry standard. The Xova 120kW DC Fast Charger showcases an array of sophisticated features, such as RFID card support, cloud-based management, and cable management, that elevate its functionality and appeal to a whole new level.


Multi-Standard: CCS, CHAdeMO and GB/T ; Simultaneous DC Charging. Optional Fan Cooled 300A Charging Connector
Network or Standalone Operation.
User Authentication.
Optional Cable Management Accessories
Supports Smart Charging and Load Balancing.
Efficiency > 94%
PF > 0.99 (APFC)
Customization Available.
7-inch LCD Screen with User Friendly Interface.
IK10 (Not including screen and RFID module), IP55 , NEMA 3R.
OCPP 1.6 JSON (Upgradeable to 2.0).
Parking Garages
EV Infrastructure Operators and Service Providers
Commercial Fleet Operators
Gas/Service Stations
EV Dealer Workshop

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