EV Charging
for Multifamily

Introducing our advanced EV charging solutions, meticulously built to seamlessly integrate into multi-unit and multifamily residential properties. Our cutting-edge technology ensures that your residents zero-emission vehicles will never be reliant on long distance charging.

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Attract tenants with multifamily EV charging

Electric car charging stations in condominiums can help tenants. A few of the available EV charging residential benefits include

A desire for sustainable living is not just a trend in today’s Eco-conscious world; it is a way of life. We recognize a growing shift toward plug-in cars and the opportunity it offers multifamily complex or multi unit property owners. By installing reliable EV stations for multifamily housing and multi dwellings with us, you’re gaining value for your property and setting a new standard for modern living.

Advantages for Multi Housing

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Improved tenant Satisfactions icon

Improved tenant satisfaction

Adding a multi unit housing apartment with electric vehicle charging allows residents to charge their housing car, saving them the hassle of using overcrowded public parks. Charging electric cars in condos will attract more environmentally conscious tenants and increase overall tenant satisfaction by providing a convenient and modern amenity.
Reduce the cost of energy use icon

Reduce energy costs

Smart EV units let EV station operators track and adjust electricity usage in real time, simultaneously reducing costs. Electric car charging stations for condos provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for both tenants and property owners.
Take the lead in sustainability icon

Improve your environment

EVs minimize greenhouse gas emissions and enhance indoor air quality in multi unit properties, making them a better choice for renters. Condo EV charger installation can ultimately benefit both the environment and the residents
Enhance Amenity icon

Enhance Amenity

Apartments with EV chargers appeal more to eco-conscious tenants. This appeal may allow you to raise the rent for multi-green properties, bringing in more money. EV charging for condo buildings can also attract more tenants looking for green living options.

Enhanced Property Value icon

Enhanced Property Value

Presenting multiple electric stations in apartment buildings or assigned parking spaces to promote your property’s future value also appeals to prospective tenants. Electric vehicle charging condo units can also attract Eco-conscious buyers.

Roi increasing or Revenue Growth icon

Revenue Growth

Multifamily houses will generate the most revenue from multiple unit apartments with charging stations, satisfying the charging needs of tenants while creating a profit-making environment for charge unit owners.

Xova Charger in front of a Apartment, Charging the EV

Apartment with
EV charging station

With an EV unit for multi-family housing installation, you’re optimizing your facilities and investing in your property’s future competitiveness. As the number of people who possess EVs continues to increase, the demand for multiple car chargers that are easily accessible becomes an important consideration for the electric family. By offering this highly desirable amenity, you position your multifamily house as a leader in the green revolution, appealing to a wider range of environmentally conscious tenants.

Easy Installation

Our expert team specializes in the seamless multi residential installation of EV charging stations for condos, multifamily buildings, and multi-unit dwellings. Transitioning to electric apartments has never been easier.

Find your Charger

Discover the perfect EV solution for your property. Whether it’s for an apartment with EV charging, a multifamily dwelling, or a multi-residential complex, we provide the cutting-edge technology you need to stay ahead. Make the switch to electric today!

Xova charger 32AWP

Xova 32AMP Charger

Excellent choice for residential, community, and commercial automobiles. It has a modern design with an optional RFID card reader for user identification and backend management. It is a versatile option for various properties, including multi unit dwellings.

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Xova Charger AX48

Xova 48AMP Charger

Upgrade for even faster powering-up capabilities and advanced features such as local load management, support for RFID card readers, and QR code authentication. Its 5-inch display gives users easy access to information, making it a convenient choice for residential and commercial EV needs. 

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Xova Charger AX48

Xova 80AMP Charger

This is the fastest Level 2 EV charger for commercial applications. It is equipped with a 5-inch display and supports RFID cards, QR codes, cellular connectivity, cloud management, and cable management options. Upgrade your energy infrastructure today.

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Working Together for a Sustainable Future

Join us in driving the rule towards a more sustainable future. Our services are ideal for green car owners in multifamily units or dwelling apartments. We offer a simple solution for plug-in cars at electric building apartments and ensure your unit buildings are part of the green revolution.

upgrade your property by installing the EV Charger

Upgrade your property

Adding the infrastructure for EV charging for apartments makes your business more flexible. We guarantee that your EV charging in apartment buildings will continue to save money, be environmentally friendly, and provide tenants with first-rate amenities. Plug-in EV charging stations near me are placed in a way that makes them easy for everyone to use.

Special Spaces for EVs to Maximize Efficiency.

Using designated EV power spots enhances parking facility management efficiency, boosts tenant satisfaction, attracts environmentally conscious renters, and increases property value, setting it apart from competitors.

ev car charging in parking lot by xova charger
EV is going to trip

Enhance EV trips and sales

Objectively placing EV stations closer to travel hubs can attract more EV travellers, generate additional money through refuelling services, and contribute to the overall expansion of the EV market.

EV Charger Deployments By Industry

Xova Charging stands out amongst the competition by offering the highest-quality products with the most up-to-date technology on the market, as well as extensive preventative maintenance options, and warranty plans to ensure lasting productivity for these chargers.

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FAQs for EV charging for condo buildings

Browse our frequently asked questions or get in touch!

What are the multifamily properties?

It refers to housing with multiple separate units within a single building or multiple buildings within a complex, either adjacent or stacked.

Why is an EV station necessary for my apartment?

As more people drive battery vehicles, having energy stations increases your apartment's appeal to them.

How do you manage the installation procedure for multi-family buildings?

Our skilled staff ensures that your property and renters are not disturbed throughout the installation management procedure, from the preliminary inspection to the final setup.

How much maintenance does an EV charger need?
If you’re thinking of investing in an EV charger, you may be wondering: how much maintenance does a charger need? In most cases, the answer is very little.

For Level 1 and 2 home chargers, the most maintenance you’ll typically need is an occasional quick check for any damage to the cables and plugs to ensure they’re in good working order. With everyday use, these chargers are designed to last years before they require servicing. If you experience any problems with your charging station, we recommend you to contact your supplier.

For publicly accessible level 2 or 3 chargers, the required maintenance depends on their use and location. Cables, plugs, and the charger itself should be inspected regularly to check for any damage and ensure good operation. Touch screens, card or RFID readers, and software systems also need to be checked and updated regularly.

How do EVs attract and retain tenants?

It conveys to prospective renters that your building is up-to-date and ecologically friendly, which will appeal to them.

How many vehicles may be charged simultaneously?

It varies according to the quantity of installed EV stations.

How do you charge an electric car apartment?

Residents can plug in their electric vehicles at the designated power station in the apartment complex's parking area. If needed, we can provide instructions on how to use the charging stations effectively.