EV Charging Solutions for Parking Lots

Electric vehicle usage is increasing frequently as global charging needs shift to more sustainable practices. Because of the increase in EV sales, parking with EV charging infrastructure is required for flexible and reliable refueling. This trend has started to scale up parking spot EV charging to take advantage of EV drivers and increase revenue. 

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Electrify garages for a bright future

An excellent way to promote the use of electric parking is by installing electric vehicle charging stations for parking operators. This installation allows the selection of a charger parking spot that best fits the needs of EV drivers, ensuring a functional EV charging station layout that maximizes convenience and accessibility.w

Add Spark to the Way you Park

The addition of an EV charging garage station integrates efficiently into existing lot structures, providing a convenient and reliable solution for EV drivers and delivering a wide range of benefits, including
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Targeting new Customers icon

Targeting new customers

Electric car garage charging stations will appeal to eco-conscious drivers who value comfort and stability as they start using EVs. Parking lot EV charging stations can also attract more customers to your business, as they provide a valuable service that sets you apart from competitors.

Improved tenant Satisfactions icon

Improve retaining and satisfying clients

EV car parking can differentiate itself as a growing, community-focused amenity that provides the best location for EV chargers in garages to improve their standing in the public. Garage EV charger stations ultimately increase foot traffic and revenue for the parking structure. Electric car parking can also help businesses stay competitive in an increasingly Eco-conscious market.

Future Planning icon

Future-oriented planning

Enabling electric vehicle parking spots will help your location remain up-to-date as automobile conditions shift since plug-in cars are becoming more popular. Future-oriented planning also involves EV charging parking space requirements and the potential benefits of EV charging station services.

New Source of Income icon

Introducing a new income source

Local EV charging stations allow garage space owners to generate additional revenue. An electrical charging station near me has the potential to reduce carparking structure maintenance costs and boost profitability. Car chargers nearby also increase the pleasure of fueling their vehicles while they are parked.

Ehance Branding icon

Enhanced branding of the facility

Electric car charging parking may boost their image and reputation as advanced, revolutionary facilities that manage the availability of community needs by delivering fueling opportunities. EV charger garage stations can also tempt ecologically concerned users who prioritize viability when choosing where to park their vehicles. Which also leads to increased loyalty and positive word-of-mouth for the business.

Plug into reformed Parking Spaces

Buy charging stations for cars, and stay ahead of the curve by investing in EV power points now. Get started with us to modify the existing parking for e-cars into a hybrid lot charge station, which assures outdoor charging stations are easily approachable.

ev car charging in parking lot by xova charger
Xova Chargers installed at Outdoor Parking lot

Outdoor Electric Car Charging Station

Buy charging stations for cars, and stay ahead of the curve by investing in EV power points now. Get started with us to modify the existing parking for e-cars into a hybrid lot charge station, which assures outdoor charging stations are easily approachable.

Available chargers for Parking Spaces

Explore viable garage spot chargers that serve both residential and commercial areas. Our team will collaborate with you to identify the optimal recharge solution, ensuring a hassle-free and dynamic user experience.

Xova charger AWP32

Xova 32AMP Charger

Our level 2/30kW Xova 32AMP is an excellent choice for residential, community, and commercial usage. Its modern design includes an optional RFID card reader for user identification and backend management, enabling seamless charging for all users.

Xova Level 2 Charger 48/80Amp

Xova 48AMP Charger

It offers fast and simple recharging for various parking choices. It also has a 5-inch display and user-friendly features such as RFID card readers and QR code authentication. These are designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial users.

Xova Level 2 Charger 48/80Amp

Xova 80AMP Charger

With its high power output and advanced features, the 80AMP is ideal for busy commercial parking locations where a quick power supply is essential. Its robust design and multiple authentication options make it a versatile choice for a wide range of businesses.

30kW DC-Fast Xova Charger

Many businesses that want to offer rapid refilling for e-cars can rely on the 30kW DC-Fast Xova. Its compact design and multiple configuration options make it suitable for a variety of locations, from commercial lots to residential areas.

30kW Moveable DC-Fast Charger

It is a convenient option for every lot owner or small business looking for a portable fueling setup. With both CCS and CHAdeMO configurations available, it can accommodate a wide range of e-motor cars. This charger is also compatible with most EVs on the market.

Modern Technology for EV Travel

Increase EV traveler interest and generate refueling revenue. By incorporating our innovative energy technology, parking companies can attract more eco-conscious customers and increase revenue streams. Additionally, our garage e-car charger can help travel centers become sustainable and cater to the growing demand for e-vehicle infrastructure.

Modern Tesla EV is going to Travel
3 persons dealing the evs in dealership

Services in Dealerships

Dealerships can charge motorcars for customers in the parking area, increasing sales. Offering electric car charging facilities also provides convenience for customers and differentiates them from competitors; it also serves as a unique selling point to attract environmentally conscious buyers and increase overall sales.

Ideal EV Charging Journey

Install an outdoor car charger station with us to ensure a flawless e-car recharging procedure. We assist companies and hospitality in implementing and maintaining an economically charged network and also guide residents to profitable and sustainable installations.

Lady charging her EV with Xova Charger in front of Hospitality building
EV Charger Deployments By Industry

Xova Charging stands out amongst the competition by offering the highest-quality products with the most up-to-date technology on the market, as well as extensive preventative maintenance options, and warranty plans to ensure lasting productivity for these chargers.

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FAQs for EV charging for Parking lots!

Browse our frequently asked questions or get in touch!

Is it safe to charge a car battery in the garage?
Yes, it is, as long as proper precautions are taken, such as ensuring proper ventilation and using a reliable charging unit. It is important to follow manufacturer guidelines and recommendations for safe refiling practices.
From where to buy charging stations?

You can purchase XOVA stations directly from our website or contact us for more information.

What facility do you offer for EV drivers at your parking lots?

We offer an electrical charging station, which makes it easier for EV drivers to charge their vehicles while they are parked.

How many chargers do you have?

We have many accessible AC and DC fast chargers to guarantee there is always a place to charge.

How do I charge my e-car at your place?

We offer the best ways for power stations that are compatible with several e-car connection types, so you can prefer to use them accordingly

Is your Parking with EV charging area open all the time?

Yes, we are here to assist you with chargeable services at any time of the day or night.