Leading the Charge in EV Travel

By offering easily accessible power stations, travel centers can cater to the needs of electric vehicle drivers. This not only boosts their earnings in the expanding market but also positions them as reliable stops for EV road travel. Travel centers can boost their profits by embracing electric transportation and offering refueling services to cater to the growing demand.

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Our Mission!

Our mission is to enhance the EV travel guide experience for the growing community of e-vehicle owners while also providing significant revenue streams for your company.

Gain Fast Charging Solutions at Every Stop


Provide quick and reliable EV travel charge kit facilities.


Ensure relaxation and refueling.


Encourages the use of electric cars.


Easily accessible in airports, hotels, and tourist spots.

Ev Charging solutions for Fleets
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Boost your EV Experience with us

Our EV charging systems are designed for convenience and efficiency, making refilling at every stop a breeze. With our power stations strategically located at airports, truck stops, hotels, and tourist places, your electric car will always be ready for the next trip. By offering simple access to travel EV chargers, your organization can stand out and attract eco-conscious passengers.

Eco-Friendly Charging for Busy Travelers

EV power supplies play a crucial role in promoting green travel. By providing energy stations at popular travel destinations, they make eco-friendly travel more accessible for busy passengers. The efficiency of EV charging also contributes to a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Family enjoying in ECO Friend Environment while EV is charging by Xova Chargers

Smart Charging for Smart Earnings

You can take advantage of our EV charging solutions to boost your potential EV travel costs.
Increase visitor density, encourage longer stays at your travel center, and offer EV driver charging services to generate additional revenue.

Electrician Installing Xova Charger

Superior installation services, Superior Travel

Our team of professionals takes care of all installation-related tasks, guaranteeing an easy transition with your current infrastructure. We customize solutions to meet your particular requirements and space limitations, from the evaluation of the site to its implementation.

24/7 Support and maintenance

We assure you that our committed support staff is readily accessible to attend to any inquiries. Our top priority is service, which means keeping your EV charging stations functional and making the most revenue possible.

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A Place Where EVs Get Energized

Our extensive range of chargers ensures your e-vehicles stay charged, making the process easy for both you and your customers.

120kW DC-Fast Xova Charger

It is an incredible all-in-one energy solution that offers premium speed, convenience, and ease of maintenance. It also displays superior quality and innovation. With its user-friendly interface and durable construction, it is a cost-effective option for travel centers looking to enhance their amenities and attract a growing market of EV users.

180kW DC-Fast Xova Charger

It is a reliable choice for businesses seeking to provide high-speed charging options for electric vehicle owners. Its sleek design and efficient operation make it a standout choice in the market. It is also affordable for travel agencies trying to upgrade their facilities and draw in an increasing number of e-vehicle users.

180kW Renewable Energy Xova Charger

This is a fantastic recharge option that uses wind and solar energy to offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly charging experience. With its innovative technology, it is not only efficient but also environmentally conscious, appealing to eco-conscious consumers. It is a smart investment for travel businesses looking to cater to the growing market of electric vehicle users while also reducing their carbon footprint.

240kW DC-Fast Xova Charger

Presenting the best all-in-one charging option. Prepare yourself for an impressive recharge experience that is stylish, multipurpose, and very efficient. Travel businesses can attract more customers by providing this cutting-edge fueling solution, showcasing their commitment to sustainability and innovation in the industry.

360kW DC-Fast Charging System

This high-powered power system is ideal for businesses providing ultra-fast charging options for EV users, offering convenience and efficiency. Its remarkable capacity to charge up to four vehicles at the same time represents a significant step forward in the application of fueling technology.

360kW Dispenser DC Charger

It offers dynamic, efficient, and fast charging with a media display, making it reliable and capable of withstanding outdoor intrusions. It is designed to meet the growing demand for quick and reliable energy solutions in the EV market. With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, it is a game-changer in the industry, setting new standards for sustainability and innovation.

480kW Power Dispenser DC Charger

The 2024 version of the Xova 480kW EV Charger is a technological milestone because it offers a truly innovative fueling solution that combines powerful charging with visually stunning displays. Its sleek design and high-speed capabilities make it a top choice for businesses and consumers looking for efficient and convenient EV plugging options.

480kW Standalone DC Fast Charger

Utilizing dual screens for dynamic charging. Optimize the generation of RO at a higher speed. With its advanced technology, the 480kW EV Charger sets a new standard for fast and reliable fueling. The dual screens provide real-time information and the ability to optimize energy speed, making it a versatile option for various power needs.

Next-Gen Roadside Assistance

The ability to Charge Vehicles for Customers and Incentivize Sales travel centers provide a convenient option for businesses looking to offer EV services to their customers. The ability to charge vehicles on-site can also help incentivize sales by attracting environmentally conscious consumers.

3 persons dealing the evs in dealership
Mother and daughter charging their EV in front of School

Turn Every Stop into a Power Boost

Promote Sustainability and Provide Amenities for Students, Staff, and Visitors. The Travel Center collaborates with universities and schools to promote sustainability and provide a convenient amenity for students, staff, and visitors. This partnership encourages the adoption of EVS among the younger generation and contributes to a greener campus environment.

EV Charger Deployments By Industry

Xova Charging stands out amongst the competition by offering the highest-quality products with the most up-to-date technology on the market, as well as extensive preventative maintenance options, and warranty plans to ensure lasting productivity for these chargers.

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FAQs for EV charging for Travel Centers!

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Can you charge your electric car at a travel lodge?

Many travel lodges now offer on-site electric vehicle charging stations, attracting environmentally conscious travelers and providing a convenient option for those looking to charge their vehicles during their stay.

On a road trip, where can I charge my EV?

Electric vehicle (EV) owners can now recharge their vehicles at rest stops along highways, hotels, and shopping centers, making it easier for them to recharge during longer journeys.

Will charging my EV really make me money?

Powering your EV can save you money in the long run by reducing fuel and maintenance expenses compared to traditional vehicles. Some utility companies offer incentives and rebates for off-peak EV owners, further promoting sustainable transportation options and reducing harmful emissions.

If I sell gas, why install chargers at my truck stop?

Installing EV chargers at truck stops can attract EV owners, boost foot traffic, and generate revenue. It also positions the truck stop as an environmentally conscious establishment, appealing to a growing market of eco-conscious consumers.

Do you want to add EV chargers to your travel plaza?

A truck stop in a city could install EV chargers in its travel centers to attract environmentally conscious travelers. This would not only provide a valuable service to customers but also strengthen the truck stop's standing as a progressive and eco-friendly business. Increased foot traffic from EV owners could drive up revenue for the truck stop.