Blink IQ 200-M Mobile

Blink Portable Charger
Level 2 Generated-Powered Solution

Designed with Freedom in mind, Free-Standing Blink Mobile EV Charging Station Supports 240-Volt AC charging and Provides up to 9.6kW of charge anywhere. The self-contained EV charger does not require installation. The non-networked configuration allows readside assistance companies to provide the EV drivers to charge through their Blink account or pay for electricity recevied.

The mobile plug-in charging unit can deliver up to 1 mile of charge per minute, allowing drivers to read the nearest charging station or their home. The Mobile charging stations are sought-after by leading roadside assistance companies, insurance companies, auto manufacturers, and even credit card companies that offer roadside services.


Portable and modular
Free-standing, doesn’t require installation
Non-networked charging station
Simple plug-in to charge use
Supports 240 VAC charging
Compatible with all electric vehicles. Tesla adapter required
Provides up to 9.6kW continuously
Charges up to 0.5 to 1 mile of range per minute Depending upon the EV’s capabilities

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