Blink DCFC 75kW

High Performance DC Fast Charging

Compact enough to fit in parking layout, the 75kW DCFC solution offers owners greater flexibility in the choice of installation locations. Beautifully designed so it fits your needs, the 75kW DCFC can amplify your brand for customer recognition and loyalty. Faster and easier installation and set up means you can offer drivers a more powerful and faster charging experience much sooner. Modular internal components make maintenance and upgrades easy and hassle free.

The Blink 75kW DCFC system is designed to charge present
and future EVs with a balance of flexibility, power and speed.


Durable and Reliable:

The DCFC 75kW is designed for optimal performance over a wide range of environmental conditions and site locations.


Liquid cooled for more quiet and cooler operation
Enclosed structure for protection of internal components
Door and tilt safety sensors
Optimal performance in a variety of conditions and locations.

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