Blink DCFC 175kW

High Performance DC Fast Charging

The RT 175-S/175kW from Blink is a reliable and robust electric fast charger with an attractive design that is easy to own and operate. It’s patented liquid-cooling system ensures maximum product life with minimum maintenance. DCFC 175kW is easily adapted to suit your corporate image.

Blink’s 175kW DCFC solution operates on the robust Blink Network and offers 3G/4G communication for updates and billing and is OCCP integrated. The dual-port charging stations with both North American standards, CHAdeMO and CCS ports, make the units compatible with nearly all North American electric vehicles. The Blink 175kW DC fast chargers operate on the powerful and robust Blink Network.


Easy to install
Liquid cooled
Low maintenance, easy to own
Cable management
10” Screen
Brandable exterior
Optional credit card reader

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